Here you will find a couple of programs I wrote to convert text to and from runes. Now as stated on the old Rune Translator page I'm not any kind of authority on runes and the programs presented here don't do any kind of translation, they just change one-for-one the english letters with their runic counterparts (or vice-versa).

The runes I have used are mostly the Germanic ones, as found in the Cambridge encyclopedia of language. I have added a few runes from other variations of the Germanic set to cope with some modern sounds and letters.

The graphics I have used are very sad and should probably be put into a paper bag and left in a public lavvy. Shame. You could always copy my scripts from this page, make your own rune page and replace my sad rune graphics with some nicely drawn or rendered ones of your own. It's up to you.

So, How does it work? Well, quite simply, for the Rune Converter type something into the box, then click the button and just like magic your text as runes will appear before your eyes.

Any punctuation you use in your english text other than spaces will be converted to newlines in the rune version and some pairs of letters will become one, like th and just to keep it interesting some single letters will be converted into two runes, for example Q will become CW.

The second part of the program, the Rune Translator is even simpler to use. Just click on the runes and see the english letters appear from the ether in the box underneath. Cool huh?

Oh, BTW there some alternative runes for J, K and N. Tick the boxes!

The Rune Converter

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The Rune Translator

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See the links page for some links to other rune resources.