A Clown Lament to the Rant of the week. A few years ago I realised that I tended to have a pet rant each week or so, and that I would rant to my wife, co-workers, friends or anyone who happened to be in earshot at the time. My rants usually took the form of some minor annoyance variably caused by people, advertising, the weather or that clown down the road. You know the sort of thing.

One day after a particularly long rant about some TV advertisement I hit upon the idea of publishing my rants on the web. After some research I found a news-style program (called PSNews) which I could modify to suit my needs and published my first rant. I had originally intended to allow people to comment on my rants but this never came to pass.

OK, so you're all saying "ever heard of a blog?" But we're talking three or four years ago and blogs just weren't as popular or as easy to set up as they are now. That aside though, I now had my rant page set up and running and was aiming to publish a new rant each week. To get more hits on my rant page I decided to also join a web-ring. There wasn't one. The next project was the Rant of the Week WebRing. I had found a few other sites on the web with similar ranting content to mine and so I invited a few of them to join the newly formed ring. About three of them did.

Broken Webring Unfortunately, due to time constraints the web-ring never really got the attention it deserved and it fell by the wayside. What it's current status is I don't know - hopefully another ranter picked it up and looked after it.

So, where's this lament then? Stay with me, we're getting there...

Not long after setting up my Rant of the Week pages I started to get more interested in spirituality and as this started to become a part of my life my need to rant faded and indeed the cause of many of my rants simply ceased to irritate me. I did try for a while to rant so as not to let down any rant fans reading my pages, but I just didn't have it in me any more. Also, part of the spiritual teachings I was following had suggested that causing other people to develop unpeaceful minds or anger might not be such a good idea. I had intended to just leave the rants where they were as a testament to my old frame of mind, but the final nail in the coffin came when my ISP suffered a crash and lost all of my non-backed up rant files.

Heh! If my ranting days weren't over this in itself would have been worthy of a rant as my ISP neglected to tell me of the crash and so it was only some weeks later that I noticed all the files had gone. I decided that it was probably for the best and drew a line under that part of my life.

So there it is, the brief history of the Rant of the Week.