Welcome to my little corner of the world. Why is this site here? Why are you even bothering to read this? Good Questions. You probably won't find the answers here, but what you will find is a small window into who I am and what interests me and, hopefully, you'll consider your time not entirely wasted.

As is usual with personal websites the navigation is on the left and the usual promise of regular updates should be forthcoming, but as we all know (at least those who already know me) I'm actually pretty bad at keeping this thing up to date. In fact, this update is the first for a very long time and I hope not at all unwelcome.

So, after what seems like an eternity the temporary website that was here, for too many years, is finally gone and this much nicer one has replaced it. Don't worry, the content which was to appear on the Duncton Wood link from the old site can soon be found on it's own site here. The Rant of the Week is gone for good and there is a lament to it's demise over there on the menu. In some ways I'm sad to see it go, but... well, you can read the lament for the full story.

Still reading? After the above meandering ramble I'm not sure what you're expecting to find down here... Why not try some of the links on the menu?